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Different libraries help make up game engine. Should I put them also in the pack?

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Let me explain what my title of this post is *trying* to ask. I am about to release my game engine ( second version ) and it uses other libraries to support/power it. When I release it, should I put links for the proper library downloads onto the site or is it fine for me to package it all in one? I am using GLFW, OpenAL, and GLU. I don't remember if I had to download anything for GLU, but I know for a fact I had to download GLFW's libraries, code, and dlls; and for OpenAL, the exact same. So once again, can I group them with my game engine, or give links to make people go out and download them separately? I hope this question made sense. I couldn't find another way to describe what I'm asking. Thank you all. :]

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You need to include the libs you are using with the game/engine.
Nothing more frustrating when you download a project of somebody and glut.dll is missing.

OpenAL - Yes, add it
Glu - Included with windows, so don't have to add it (Correct me if I'm wrong somebody)
Glut - Yes, add it
GLFW - Yes, add it

And be sure to respect the licensing of those libraries too.

Hope that help :)

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