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about surface's format!

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Hi all, I have two questions listing below: 1. When create a surface, we need to select a format for the surface, eg. DDPF_RGB , 0, 16, 0x7C00, 0x03e0, 0x001F, 0}, // 16-bit RGB 5:5:5 DDPF_FOURCC, MAKEFOURCC('U','Y','V','Y'),0,0,0,0,0}, // UYVY and so on. If i create a surface of UYVY, can i copy an RGB image directly onto this surface, or i need convert the image to UYVY first? 2. Now i create a UYVY surface and i copy a buffer of the same type(UYVY too) onto the surface, but it shows incorrectly. What maybe the problem is? Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance!

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