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Camera transforms

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Alloha, Just beginning programming with graphics, specifically OpenGL. Doing a bit of 2D before I dive into the deep end. Basically, I've wrapped the GL functions to provide basic sprite rendering, and a very simple camera for my application. So my question is, I move my entire scene for my camera to "move". However, I apply some rotations / etc to sprites. What's the best way to sort this out? Instead of storing and loading the matrix after each sprite, I simply reverse any rotations / transformations I did ... is this the "norm"? Basically my app, sets up * Orthographic projection, origin at (0,0) to (100, 100) * Render loop... transform the entire scene (ie, identity matrix and camera transforms on it). See [1] ** Render sprites with camera transforms. See [2] ** Load the identity matrix (ie no camera transforms) so I can draw a "overlay hud" sort of thing ** Draw the hud I'd appreciate any input! [1] Camera
/* set the camera position */
void render_camera_position(float x, float y)
   glTranslatef(x * -1, y, 0.0f);

/* render over the top, with 0->100% */
void render_overlay(void)
[2] sprite_render() -- ignore the division! I'll precalculate this.
void sprite_render(sprite_t * sprite)
 /*  glPushMatrix(); */

   glColor3ub(0, 0, 255);

   /* translate */
   glTranslatef(sprite->x + (sprite->width / 2), sprite->y + (sprite->height / 2), 0.0f);
   glRotatef(sprite->rotation, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
   glTranslatef(-(sprite->width / 2), -(sprite->height / 2), 0.0f);

      glVertex2f(0.0f, 0.0f);
      glVertex2f(0.0f, sprite->height);
      glVertex2f(sprite->width, sprite->height);
      glVertex2f(sprite->width, 0.0f);
   /* HACK: undo the matrix transforms, this is so
    * our camera still applies to the obj */ 
   glTranslatef(-sprite->x, -sprite->y, 0.0f);
   glRotatef(-sprite->rotation, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);  

 /*  glPopMatrix(); */
And a segment of the main loop
void client_render(void)
   /* move everything after here */
   render_camera_position(camX, camY);

   /* draw sprites */

Sorry for the long post! I posted here because I'm still very new at this graphics stuff :-) Zac

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