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matrices with glLoadMatrix()

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I'm using matrices to set my objects and camera, but when I create a 4x4 matrix and apply the translation and the 3x3 rotational matrix, I end up translating the camera before it rotates. Obviously, this isn't helpful when I need a FPS-like camera. How would I set up my matrix/matrices to translate after rotating?

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The function I came up with is;

template < class _type >
void TranslateM( basic_matrix < _type, 4, 4 >& tmat, basic_vector < _type, 3 > tvec )
basic_matrix < _type, 4, 4 > trans;
trans(12) += tvec(0);
trans(13) += tvec(1);
trans(14) += tvec(2);
tmat = tmat*trans;

My matrix class uses a 1D array for the elements, which are considered to be in column order. Both vector and matrix classes (as shown) use overloaded parenthesis for element access, with the matrix overloading this to allow access in (row,column) convention.

Is this the right method to translate a matrix?

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