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Workstation deployment, office space issues

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I need help solving a hardware deployment problem for a client! I've got just over 1500sq ft of floor space + 300-400 sq ft max for IT data center. I've got to get 20 game developers / 3D graphics artists, plus 4-5 admin & managers into this space. Workstation configuration will depend upon job function of each employee, but minimum configuration will be Core 2 Quad with 2GB RAM, NVIDIA 9800GT. Maximum configuration (at this point)will be Dual Quad Core Xeons, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 x 2 (quad monitor config). For those of you out there who manage or operate in small and/or medium-sized studios, how do you manage the PC real estate, noise, & heat issues in limited spaces? How do you plan for growth? A friend working at an engineering firm tried centralizing and rackmounting the PC workstations, extended KVM-over-IP with limited success - performance issues. Anybody tried this or other similar technology? Your help is appreciated! PParker

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