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inverting text possible with wglUseFontBitmap?

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Right now I'm using wglUseFontBitmap() to generate displaylists that I can use to render text on screen. The problem is that I'm using a third-party gui system that renders textures in window coords (as opposed to cartesian); it's heavily based on textured mapped images so in order to perform my own drawing I have to use RTT to render a scene inside one of the widgets. The probably is that my scene is rendered upside down. Well, if I invert the projection matrix (glOrtho(0,w,h,0,-1,1)) when rendering my scene it is correctly inverted but none of my text is. I also tried using glPixelZoom() and glScalef() to invert the y-axis but it had absolutely no affect on the text/displaylists. Am I missing something or is it impossible to invert text/displaylists generated via wglUseFontBitmaps? I may just go ahead and move to using FreeType2 where I believe you can setup your own displaylists for character rendering? Thanks.

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