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Question regarding OBJ and Specular

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First off, im having a problem with my OBJ UV coordinates, for many of the objects i have exported from 3ds max, im getting 3 texture coordinates. If i remap them with UVW mod it solves the problem, but then i have to UV map the object again, is there anyway of solving this?
vt  0.013841 0.746324 0.262025
vt  0.013841 0.764194 0.273592
vt  0.013841 0.779908 0.306897
vt  0.013841 0.791571 0.357924
vt  0.013841 0.797777 0.420517
vt  0.013841 0.797777 0.487127

secondly, How is the obj suppose to save the specular power? with 0 specular power set in 3dsMax, this create an obj with spec power of 0. But in terms of my .fx file, that is a very wide cone. Where as a high level is a very narrow cone, so how should i have no specular if the obj spec is set to 0?
// Determine how much (if any) specular light makes it into the eye.
	float t  = pow(max(dot(r, toEye), 0.0f), gSpecularPower);

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