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What Would You Do Too Create Repeating Moving Objects?

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Ok, I am wondering what would be the best case too create a system that reads a text a file then looks at the parameters in it on each line, but spawn a object that moves from one position to another and when it hits that position it moves to the next line in the script and spawns another 'icon' that moves to the pos when it gets the second param of the spawn time, but subtract a couple of seconds too show the 'icon' is moving trod the screen for the user too see. I got the text parser done from reading the parameters, but since I am using C++ and OpenGL and rendering quads that pass the screen almost, I am having a problem how it's going to store and know when too read the next line and check the position when the object moves for that pacific object spawned. If you haven't already guest, I am kinda creating something like a Dance game almost. Sorry for the bad explanation, but I am tired for it being a Friday night. Now I am not asking code, I am just wondering if you can give me simple steps, like example. Create a struct with the values you want and create a class and etc.. Kinda thing, I want a challenge for myself, just need a small push on the swing in a way..

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