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"tex2d not supported in this profile"

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In a fragment program I do:
void main(
            in      float4    texcoord       : TEXCOORD0
          , out     float4    color          : COLOR
          , uniform sampler2D decal
	color.rgb = tex2D(decal,;
	color.a = 1;

But when I run "cgc" on the fragment program I get: warning C7011: implicit cast from "float4" to "float3" error C3004: function "tex2D" not supported in this profile 24 lines, 1 warnings, 1 errors. But when I run the application it does not give that error. The application runs with arbvp1 and arbfp1 profiles. Any idea on why cgc gives that error at compile time but not at runtime?

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check the cgc - command line help it should list what the default profiles are (its been a while since I used cg so Im a bit shaky about thjis)
also -> (you prolly mean) texcoord.xy

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