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[SlimDX] CustomVertex ??

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mdx    182
I've got some problems to convert the customVertex from MDX to slimDX. Is there no CustomVertex Class in slimDX ?
        _vbuffer = New VertexBuffer(GetType(CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured), _
                            6, _dxdevice, 0, CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured.Format, _

        Dim _verts As CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured() = CType(_vbuffer.Lock(0, LockFlags.None), CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured())

        For x = 0 To 5
            _verts(x) = New CustomVertex.PositionNormalTextured(_vec(x), n, _tex(x).X, _tex(x).Y)
            xt += 1

Thanks for help

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Promit    13246
Nope, SlimDX has none built in. I think the SampleFramework has that support, but I'll let Mike chime in on that. Building vertex structs is fairly easy though, they typically work like this:

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using SlimDX;

struct PositionNormalTextured
public Vector3 Position;
public Vector3 Normal;
public Vector2 TexCoords;

public property int Size
get { return 32; }

public property VertexFormat VertexFormat
return VertexFormat.Position | VertexFormat.Normal | VertexFormat.TexCoord1;

(Written completely off memory so be prepared for minor errors.)

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Mike.Popoloski    3258
The Sample Framework right now has two vertex types if you want to use them: TransformedColoredVertex and TransformedColoredTexturedVertex. The CustomVertex class from MDX is not included because it has no direct Direct3D counterpart. It's simply a collection of vertex types that are easy to declare on your own.

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