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How to make textures move?

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I have generated some 2D noise (Perlin) textures that I map to a sphere. But is there someway to make these 2D cloud like textures move? I was thinking about generating two different sets of texture coordinates and then use these in the fragment program to lookup in each of the textures but I am a bit unsure on how to work out the details.

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In my sky dome, I keep the normal texture coords (stored in VBO) I generate when i make the dome, when rendering I just simply also pass a uniform vec2 call offset, which I offset the current texture coordinates by.


uniform vec2 offset;
varying vec2 texCoord;

texCoord = glMultiTextureCoord0;
texCoord += offset;

I usualy just calculate my "offset" by incrementing each frame based on time passed.

this should give you a very simple cloud movement, using some things like a sine wave, you could get a more realistic movement than simply rotating around the sphere.

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