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[directx 9]Mesh

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Hy. I'm created an importer for collada file. The importer import all the meshes from collada file in a unique big mesh with a subset for any collada mesh. the problem is that with a very large file 10Mb i have a mesh with 100000 vertex and 31000 indexes and this catch an error: D3DX: D3DXCreateMesh: Too many faces/vertices for a 16bit mesh [quote] bool CImporter::CreateMesh(int nVertexes, int nIndexes) { HRESULT hr = D3DXCreateMeshFVF(nIndexes,nVertexes,D3DXMESH_MANAGED,Vertex::FVF,m_Device,&m_mesh); if(FAILED(hr)) { ::MessageBox(0, "Collada CreateMesh() - FAILED", 0, 0); return false; } return true; } [quote] may be Is a wrong method? Is better to create a mesh for mesh in collada file and use a vector for store all the meshes of the file? whath is the best container for meshes in directx? THanks.

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I have modify the importer for return single more simple divided meshes:

CImporter cin = CImporter(Device,IMPORTER_COLLADA);

for ( int k = 0 ;k <cin.GetAllMeshesCount();k++){

get the mesh in pos k from all the meshes of collada file.
and draw all:


std::vector<ID3DXMesh*>::iterator itMesh;
for(itMesh = m_AllMeshes.begin();itMesh != m_AllMeshes.end();itMesh++)
ID3DXMesh* xmesh= *itMesh;
//for(int i = 0; i < NumSubsets; i++)
// Device->SetMaterial(&mtrl);
// //Device->SetTexture( 0, Textures[i] );
// Mesh->DrawSubset(0);


but the result is no good , not all meshes are drawed!
only some.

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