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difference between adapter formats and backbuffer formats

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jdub    459
what is the difference between a surface format for an adapter and one for a back buffer? I am finding that I cannot have ARGB formats for my adapter format yet they work just fine as a back buffer format. What's with this? I always thought that back buffer format and adapter format were the same thing. Was I wrong all along?

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beebs1    398
This is how I understand it works:

The adapter format is used by the card to encode the pixel data for the monitor, and generally alpha bits are not supported here.

The backbuffer is a secondary buffer which you do all your drawing to. Alpha-bits are usually available, and you do your alpha-blending on this buffer.

When you present the buffer to the display, the card will convert between the formats if they are different. You can check if this is possible using IDirect3D9::CheckDeviceType() and CheckDeviceFormatConversion().

Hope this helps. Please let me know if I've made a mistake!

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