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3D Maths

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<-- edit --> I no longer need a response to this message, thanks, I tried the following code: Camera.Position.X = Camera.Position.X + Cos(DegToRad(Camera.Direction)) / 10; Camera.Position.Y = Camera.Position.Y - Sin(DegToRad(Camera.Direction)) / 10; and it works a treat. ----------------- Hi, I'm a C++ noob and I'm working on a program that I'm using to display 3D graphics, but I've run into a problem which I won't be able to solve by myself until I have a more mathematical mind... I currently have a camera, which has variable position (x, y, z), direction, pitch and roll properties. I've got it mostly sussed, but how do I move it forward in the game world according to which direction it's facing? If there's anything you need to know about my coding to answer the question, please ask. [Edited by - Sappharos on November 23, 2008 12:48:17 PM]

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