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Dynamically linking into static object files?

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Hi there. If I were making a dynamic link library (*nix-style), I would do something like
extern "C" { const char * foo(); }
and compile this with something like
g++ -fPIC -c foo.c
g++ -shared -soname, -o foo.o
And use it in another program with something like this
const char * (*fn)();
lib_handle = dlopen("", RTLD_LAZY);
fn = dlsym(lib_handle, "foo");
std::cout << (*fn)();
However, I want foo to be in a standalone executable. Can I dlopen("a.out") and do the same? Is there standard, defined behaviour? Do I need to keep the -fPIC and -shared compiler flags when I build the standalone executable or will this mess things up?

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