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Backticks in makefiles

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Hi there. This makefile
FOO = a b
BAR = `for i in $(FOO); do echo $$i.x; done`
        echo $(BAR)
outputs this:
echo `for i in a b; do echo $i.x; done`
a.x b.x
I was expecting it to output
echo a.x b.x
a.x b.x
I need the backticks to be evaluated BEFORE the variable BAR is assigned, not after. How do I do this? The reason is that I'm going to use BAR thusly:
demo: $(BAR)
So if there's a better way to get the transformed FOO into the dependency list of "demo:" then that'll do. Thanks

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Do you really need something this complicated?

Have you considered moving the shell commands to a batch file and just calling the batch file from the makefile?

Have you considered using a script to generate the makefile (if the goal here is to avoid repeating 'for' commands of a common form)?

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