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I'm out of Ideas!

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I have been fiddling around with python on and off for the better part of six months now but before I move onto a graphics API I would like a few more tasks to practice on. My problem Is that Ive run out of Ideas.can someone help me come up with 2 or three more Ideas to do? This is what I have done so far. Tic- Tac-Toe. rock paper scissors dungeon battle (a very limmited RPG battle between a hero and a monster.) a whole lot of text adventures. choose the door.(Kind of like the mario party bowser game where you needed to pick the correct door of 2 possible choices over and over again until you reach the end.) other things that I can't remember. Any help is appreciated! [Edited by - steveworks on November 23, 2008 6:29:11 PM]

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Refine dungeon battle: implement (if you haven't already)
1) more weapons, shields (for deflecting attacks), more spells, a system for selecting between them;
2) a potions system containg life potion, large life potion, mana potion, large mana potion etc etc etc
3) doors and multiple rooms...
4) ...with multiple monsters in them. To keep it simple, you can only battle one monster at a time.
5) then you can create more types of monsters, and fiddle with their stats:
Stats: life (NO mana, they all have infinite mana), attack1 damage, attack2 damage etc, chance of hitting you (tougher one have a bigger chance).

6) and at the same time, keep learning how to do graphics- they can make your game much more fun.

7) While learning graphics, go to the Hackenslash Site download it and learn from it. It's a Python game made by 1 man in 1 week.

[Edited by - asdqwe on November 24, 2008 2:05:55 AM]

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