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Internship Question

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Lothia    102
I was wondering if anyone in the industry or trying to currently get an internship could shed some light on a few concerns I currently have. With the current economic turn down (globally) companies of all types have been cutting jobs, including tech companies, from what I have heard, Google, Sun and a few others have cut close to 200k jobs in the Silicon Valley area. I live in WA where I know at least the Intel section is on a hiring freeze and a few other companies. I am still looking for an internship preferably paid but is it realistic to still expect a company to want interns? As well I am only really proficient in Java but a large amount of companies use C# with networking or C++ which as far as I know I should be able to learn on the spot. How do I go about actively trying to find an internship in the industry? Should I call companies and talk to their Human Resources if they have any spots or do emails work just as well? Guess I am just looking for some guidance if at all possible. Hopefully this was the correct area to post this in. Thanks

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frob    44962
Large companies can lay people of and also still be hiring. The hope of a layoff is to fire people who are not needed or bad performers. They still have projects that need to get done, so they will hire if you fit that need. We had a round of layoffs and our studio dropped some unused secretary and HR, but we're still hiring programmers.

It is still realistic to hunt for intern jobs. They are fewer because you have more competition. But since interns cost less money, often work part time and are hourly rather than salaried, they can be a good investment even when experienced workers are available.

In addition to intern jobs, you could look for work-study jobs. You have to go through the University or local college if you try this. They are similar to internships, but involve working with the school. There are potentially some financial benefits in taxes and direct payments for the employer to encourage hiring you.

The actual hiring process depends on the company, and are rarely advertised online. Here, college students get full-time summer internships with a two-week application window. Work-study people apply late summer and work part time for the complete school year.

I would first check their web site for their intern application process, and if you can't find it, call their HR to ask how they want you to proceed.

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