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well I am able to rotate a tank sprite but I want it to shoot bullets (other sprites), here is some of the code

{//move the sprite
bullet.x = bullet.x + 5;
bullet.y = bullet.y + 0;
//set up the filename
//load texture with "pink" as the transparent color
bullet_image[0] = LoadTexture(t, D3DCOLOR_XRGB(255,0,255));

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Well first things first, you need to embody what a bullet is, which you seem to have done already. Lets say bullets have the following attributes:

Heading (angle)
Speed (magnitude)

So after setting this up all you need to do is when you press space:

1) create a new bullet
2) set its position to an offset of the tank (where the turret is)
3) set its heading to the current heading of the tank
4) set a speed constant
5) add the bullet to a running pool of "live" bullets
6) make updates to that pool

When you update the bullet list, calculate your new x,y coordinates with a bit of simple trig:

x += cos(heading)*speed
y -= sin(heading)*speed

Based on your api of choice, you may need to handle rounding errors with sin and cos. Since you seem to be using DX, you should be able to handle the floats just fine.

If you have any more questions, feel free. I hope I answered sufficiently.


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