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Some ID3DX10Sprite and ID3DX10Font questions

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1. How many sprite objects should I use for the many different fonts and texts used. Only one sprite object, or for every ID3DX10Font interface, or for every drawText call? 2. I use the z coordinate for object positioning. Is it possible to draw the sprites/text with a specified z value? They could still be back to front ordered, but I need the z coord. Is it possible to set this via the world matrix of the sprite? 3. Are there any resource about how to fast/efficient use those interfaces (except DXUT or tutorials/samples)? edit: 4. When I call DrawText, is the text also rendered to the rendertarget, or do I need to call something for the sprite to be drawn. It's not that clear in the dxdoc. 5. When I call DrawText, is there a way to access the D3DX10_SPRITE struct, so I can manipulate somthing. edit2: 6. I think I have to use a sprite for every object (every object needs its own z value). Is there a way to instance sprites? I don't mean the sprites in one sprite interface, but many sprite interfaces. If I could get access to the D3DX10_SPRITE struct this would be possible. Using the texture by myself and so on... any ideas? Thx, Vertex [Edited by - Vertex333 on November 24, 2008 5:08:06 AM]

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