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[web] Javascript help please?

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function stripTags(s){
 s = s.replace(/<br \/>/gi,"\r");
 s = s.replace(/<br\/>/gi,"\r");
 s = s.replace(/
/gi,"\r"); s = s.replace(//gi,""); s = s.replace(/<\/i>/gi,""); s = s.replace(//gi,""); s = s.replace(/<\/b>/gi,""); s = s.replace(/
"); s = s.replace(/<\/blockquote>/gi,"
"); s = s.replace(/

/gi,""); s = s.replace(/<\/p>/gi,""); s = s.replace(/<\/a>/gi,""); s = s.replace(/]*>/gi,"[img]$1[/img]"); s = s.replace(/(.+?)<\/a>/gi,"[url=$1]$2[/url]"); s = s.replace(/<.*\/>/gi,""); s = s.replace(/<.*>/gi,""); s = s.replace(/<\/.*>/gi,""); while(s != s.replace(/\r[\s]*\r/gi,"\r")){ s = s.replace(/\r[\s]*\r/gi,"\r"); }

Here is my quick script to change html to bbcode. and here is the line in question s = s.replace(/(.+?)<\/a>/gi,"[url=$1]$2[/url]"); Can I have some assistance so that when a href="blah">words I get [url=blah +]+words etc. Thank - oyu for any help.

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