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[ANNOUNCE] The Falcon Programming Language 0.8.12

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jonnymind    130
The Falcon Programming Language - Condor (0.8.12) has been recently released. New in this release: - Prototype oriented programming - Tabular programming - Automatic (fast) reflection of C and C++ structure/classes. Useful modules added recently: - SDL (complete with SDL_ttf, SDL_image and SDL_mixer) - Dynlib (loading and integrating C DLLs) - Mutlithreading (native and portable x core parallel programming) - DBI (database interface, with MYSQL, Postgre and Sqllite) Upcoming: - Automatic binding generator. - ODBC for DBI Want to know more? -- Comparative table here:

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thedirt    100
From the website:

Tabular programming

Tables are simple but powerful means to represent facts and to categorize the reality. Falcon tabular programming allows to control the overall program logic shaping the way business is often organized. Columns are properties, and row instances; a cell can contain any Falcon item, including OOP instances, classes, functions and even other tables. So, cells can be data, but also algorithms or even whole programs.

Tables are also excellent means to select behaviors between a finite set of choices, or to mix behaviors and merge them, providing ready-made fuzzy logic engines.

Also, tables can be applied more easily to categorize uncertain and shifting problems; in example, a simple structural modify to a problem may require the redesign of a class tree hierarchy, while adding a column that represent a new and formerly unknown aspect of a phenomenon can solve the problem altogether; and this can be done even at runtime, which is clearly not possible in the pure OOP model.

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