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Performace when DirectX used with D3DImage (WPF) vs DirectX used with win32 window.

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Hi all, Now I am developing on Windows XP (but also targetting Vista). The thing is i need to work with millions of vertices in each frame and i am using a dynamic vertex buffer. When i am using D3DImage (is in .Net 3.5 SP1) i need to call AddDirtyRect() for each updation to brush. As i profiled AddirtyRect() function is the bottleneck. When using D3DImage I am not getting the smoothness that i want. One post's in MSDN says that D3DImage is not suitable for applications that needed 30+ fps. check this link DirectX interop and the upcoming D3DImage Is there is any other way by which D3DImage (brush) can be directly connected to Direct3D surface? ie when the frame is Presented (using device.Present()) the change is reflected in D3DImage. Also i did'nt work in Vista. (Direct3DEx device) Is there any chance that D3DImage will have improvements in future release. :) It seems not many discussed the performace, DirectX used with D3DImage vs DirectX used with win32 window. thanks bachu [Edited by - msbasanth on November 26, 2008 1:57:17 AM]

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