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Bounding Box for a disc?

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Hey! I have following problem. I have a Disc, represented by position, radius and normal. Now i want to make a Bounding Box for of it. The easiest way i imagined was to grap some points on the border of the disc and extend an empty bounding box with them. But now, how do i get these points? Deciding wether a given point is in the plane is quite easy, but to get a point from a given plane...i don't have a idea.

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I have coded a method for generating a coordinate system out of a single normal after PBRT. Here is the whole sourcefile.

The function goes like

void computeCoordinateSystem (Vector3d &v1, Vector3d &v2, Vector3d &v3) const {
v1 = computeNormal();
// from PBRT
if (fabs (v1.m[0]) > fabs (v1.m[1])) {
real ilen = 1.0 / sqrt (v1.m[0]*v1.m[0] + v1.m[2]*v1.m[2]);
v2 = Vector3d (-v1.m[2] * ilen, 0.0, v1.m[0] * ilen);
} else {
real ilen = 1.0 / sqrt (v1.m[1]*v1.m[1] + v1.m[2]*v1.m[2]);
v2 = Vector3d (0.0, v1.m[2] * ilen, -v1.m[1] * ilen);
v3 = v1.computeCross (v2);

Now you could take your plane's normal, build an orthonormal basis with the above function, and e.g. random-sample points a disc in 2d and then transform them.

There's probably a better solution, but right now I have a day of regex-work behind me (kinda like 500 chars long ... so my brain is a bit, ..., like pudding), at least this should give a solution to your generate-point-on-disc problem. Maybe generate n=circumference*f points on the radius gives a satisfying solution for now.

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