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Need some information about Indy Game Engines...

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I am planning on investing some money in a 3d game engine but need to decide which suits me best. I dont know the strengths of each engine, so I have some questions... It seems that the engines that I see mentioned most in the Indy price range are (in no particular order) - TGEA, 3D Game Studio, and C4 - so my questions are going to be pertaining to those engines - but please dont hesitate to recommend any other powerful engines that you may know of that I do not. 1) With dual-core support being the standard nowdays and quads becoming more and more standard, I read that many engines do not have support for multiple cores. Do any of the listed engines support multiple cores? 2) Multiplayer gaming is very important to me, so a strong network code is a definite plus. I hear TGEA has a very good network code, but have never heard about the others. Is TGEA's really that much better? How are the other engines in this area? 3) The most powerful graphics these days seem to be for the most part DirectX... Which of these engines support DX? I know OpenGL is better for multi-platform reasons, but does not having DX support hurt the overall visual quality of the engine? 4) I seen some people mention certain engines are easier or harder to adjust to because of messy code or lack of documentation etc... but I dont know how outdated these claims are. I would think any engine would have a bit of a learning curve - but do any of these engines have any noticeable differences in the learning curve or still have a lack of documentation? 5) Physics - I hear this is one place where Torque is weak, but I dont know of the others. Do the other engines have built in physics engines, or are there any physics engines that are easily implemented? 6) Coding time - being an Indy Developer, good coding time has always been a plus for me. I read C4 needs mostly C++ code so it takes a bit more time to code then the others, but I heard others say C4 makes up for it with easy to read and well written code. How do all the engines fare when it comes to coding time? 7) Animations - I have used some engines in the past that had troubles with animations because the formats were not easily exported. Are there any problems with the animation formats of the listed engines? Do any of them have anything that makes them better at animation then the others? 8) I have been using XSI and ZBrush as of recent for my modeling and texturing. Are the file formats the engines use exportable from XSI? Also I read some game engines can support the techniques that ZBrush is capable of better then others... are any of the engines any more suited for ZBrush? 9) Am I right in believing that C4 is the most powerful graphics engine of the bunch? If not which is? 10) I know Torque is focused most towards FPS games. Are the others focused for any certain type of game or are they more or less flexible? 11) Do they all come with source code? This is an important thing because I believe if I am going to invest in an engine, I should have full access to it. 12) Finally, are there any other major things that I did not list that these engines can do better then the rest? The comparisons on the sites tend to be a bit misleading to try to make their engine look more capable then the others.. im wondering what the real strengths are. Sorry for the long list - I just want to make sure I do my homework before investing money in a game engine so that I dont replace it soon after.

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