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[web] Bookmarklet - Replace Large Images

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I'm a visitor of a forum that often contains extremely large images. This often makes it inconvenient to browse through the posts of a topic because my browser pauses to display each image. What I'd like to do is create a greasemonkey script - effectively an automatically executed javascript file - that would replace each image larger than a certain width with a placeholder and add a button below it to set the image back to its initial source. Of course, no modifications can be made to the original web site html - it has to work via javascript. This is how far I got:
var images = document.images;
var counter=0;

for (i=0;i<images.length;i++){
	if (images.width>2000){
		var OSrc = images.src;
		var tempName="switch_" + counter;
		images.onmousedown='alert("HI!");'//function () {var found=document.getElementByID(name);alert("Image clicked! Alt text is " + found.alt + "!");found.onclick="";found.src=found.alt;found.alt="";}'
		var newButton = document.createElement("button");
		newButton.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Show Image"));

function showImage(name,OSrc){
	var found=document.getElementByID(name);
	alert("Image clicked! Alt text is " + found.alt + "!");
As you can see, I was trying several methods of making something clickable. I tried giving the image an onclick function but couldn't get it to execute (no alert message). I tried adding a button just below the image but failed in that regard too. Anything I'm doing wrong with getting a button to appear, or make the image have an onclick attribute? I know the script is executing as the images are all replace with the Google logo (a placeholder). Thanks, -metroid48

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