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Need a game name

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Basically I've created this online game where your a character in a city that has to fight their way through to survive. I want the game name to be like a fictional city name. Some ideas I had were, Empire City Dark City Sin City (won't work) Any ideas?

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Survival City
Gauntlet City
Death City
Urban Survival
Urban Gauntlet
Urban Casualty
Urban Battleground

Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan are some more words meaning 'of the city' but they are a bit more long and awkward.

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SunSet City
Racoon City
East County



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It depends a lot on the feel you're going for. I like "Knight on the Town", but I don't think that's what you're aiming for [smile].

Citizen Pain. Once he thought it would be fun to run a newspaper. Now this is one citizen who will run no more.

Militiapality. This is one community that's armed and dangerous.

More seriously: I see you want a fictional city name. I'd stick away from any of the dull sounding names. "Empire City" just doesn't excite me. I'd pick a name that sounds vaguely like the type of city you're emulating in terms of location, but also generates the emotion you want without completely beating you over the heat with it. Look at how the Grand Theft Auto series does it - Liberty City = New York, Vice City = Miami etc.

So you might pick a name like Scarborough (an actual place name), but would also work for a place that's very beat up (scarred).

Alternatively, go the contrast route and pick a name like "Happyvale".

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