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I'm new here so I hope this was the appropriate place to post this question, if not, I apologize ahead of time. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone knows any good Websites or books that would contain everything i would need to learn about writing in C++ i wanted to brush up my knowledge since i haven't written in it in about 4 years. Thank's

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Standard Text Books, start at the top and work your way down:

"Accelerated C++" Andrew Koenig and Barabara Moo
"The C++ Standard Library" Nicolai Josuttis
"More Effective C++" Scott Meyers
"Effective STL" Scott Meyers
"Exceptional C++" Herb Sutter
"More Exceptional C++" Herb Sutter
"The C++ Programming Language" 3rd edition or later Bjarne Stroustrup
"Modern C++ Design" Andrei Alexandrescu
"C++ Templates: The Complete Guide" Vandevoorde and Josuttis
"Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales" Langer and Kreft

By the time you get to the bottom of the list, you'll have a very comprehensive understanding of the language, including most of the advanced and rarely-used features.

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