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Unity Open Source Inverse Kinematics Library

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Hello everyone. I want to start building an open source inverse kinematics library and various tools required to easily work with the library. I've asked if anyone was interested a while back in this thread: Previous thread Since the time of my first post i've managed to complete my degree and my ik project. You can find what I did here: Also the source code: I don't consider this a finished product ( basically it was me trying to implement various ik algorithms) but i would like to continue doing it or maybe start a new one an use what I've learn there. So I would like that everyone interested in an open source ik lib to make suggestion, comments, how will they approach this, or if they want to help with text, papers, time. (I have a lot of documents but it never hurts to have more, especially new research) [Edited by - clauchiorean on December 5, 2008 2:18:49 AM]

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Hello, I was interested when you last posted.

Congratulations on completing your degree. It's a shame they didnt teach you how to use a hyperlink :P (just kidding, but seriously)

So I checked out your link, it was a bit confusing, was that documentation? I saw what looked to be some kind of specification, but none of the objects, members, functions were clickable so I never really saw much detail.

Were the URL's at the bottom under "Links" written by you or where those resource materials that you used?

Good work on completeing stuff, poor work on showing us :P Got any videos, screen shots, or example downloads?

I took a peek at your source. All your code looks very clean, I would never have a problem looking at it. I'll just bookmark this for when I have the desire :P

Congratulations again on your degree.

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That was suppose to be some sort of specification(wiki), but I abandoned it.
If you want to see what is going on you can download the code and use cmake to generate a project file.

Basically i've managed to implement some algorithms in the framework:
CCD, PseudoInverse, Transpose, SDL and SDLS. I has some support for constraints but
I'm not very satisfied. I want to try and implement some new ones , basically one based on probabilities, and try to make the implemented one as stable as posible.

There should be a test project in which you can see the algorithms working. But for now there are some lines that cam be moved and a hardcoded skeleton.

I'm in the process on moving the project to google code, and starting it again, plus buying a domain name for it and trying to build a small community around it.
This should happen till the end of this year (hopefully :))

My goal is to make this library in C++, C# and Java (and if anyone wants python or ruby or any other language he can join me and help port it).

Now i want to redesign it a bit so it can be easily integrated with 3D engines (Ogre3D comes in my mind).

That's why I'm asking for your thoughts, suggestions, what do you want to see in such a library, so i can make a list of things, and prioritize, and see what people need most.

This post was to see how people would react, I'm planing on putting a bigger announcement when I'll have the site up an running and things will start moving a bit :)

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I'm very interested in seeing how this matures, but I'm not to experienced in this subject so I'm afraid I can't be much of help by providing suggestions and feedback!

Good luck though! :-)

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Im interested in it too. Im currently searching for approaches to Ogre + IK: I found a patch to Ogre, but maybe it's unstable or hard to understand, but it was posted before shoggoth (ogre 1.6) but it wouldnt became part of the code (till now). So I continued my search, and finally I decided to use a physics/collision engine to this purpose (Bullet, actually).

But Im realy interested in this approeach. My questions:
- will it be free of charge? / what licence?
- when will be a beta to Ogre released?

- take into account that many Ogre-project uses physics engine, so your implementation should provide cooperation with existing systems (I mean e.g. it should allow to use skeletons + mesh-datas (if needed, Im not sure this is needed) which are prepared to the physics lib (trimesh)).

Anyway, good luck, and keep it up!

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I have an idea:
Is possible to create a graph but not of the bones , a matrix of macro areas in that my dinamic meshes can move , a matrix More 'or less Detailed.
I would subdivide the 3d space around the mesh(but only the area of the movements not the entire word around the puppet) in nodes ,or vertex like boost::Graph then i can support the wheight of the nodes for various uses like animation.
In this mode i can set the point that connect ad example the hand of the mesh with a apple for generate the complete path of the movements of the skeleton of the mesh(using weights),is the path tahth return a list of nodes that move or rotate the bones ,and with wheight every movement is a little different from other ,for create a independent character.
naturally my idea not have a good Accuracy for a robot, but for game proposal can be done?
In the boost::graph library there are all the function for do that.
I'm too imaginative???

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Congratulations on your degree.
I have been playing with Ogre 3d lately and I like it. The only thing it lacks for now is IK. I was really excited when google got me here and I read about your work. So I am looking forward to some simple tutorial on how to attach your library to Ogre. I prefer old good C++ :)
My goal is to make some kind of simplified virtual world where I and my friends can test various AI algorithms and how AI bots behave in a 3d world. It would really benefit from dynamic realtime calculated IK animations. They should be not really complicated (for now I need only humanoid IK animations) and of course it would be great to have them resource efficient so my CPU can give more to AI than to IK calculations.

Good luck with your work and looking forward to see your IK with Ogre!

BTW, you could post this also at Ogre3d message boards. I think many of Ogre3d fans will appreciate your work. There is also someone who tries to get OpenTissue work with Ogre3d but there seems lot to be done yet.

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