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Indotek RenderIt Pro

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I'm new to Visual C++ and DirectX apps, but I have managed to start programming a 3d game using the Indotek API. By simply using some sample code I have loaded my own models and wrote suitable control routines - RenderIt calls do the rest. I really need some advice off experienced Direct3D or RenderIt programmers. Is RenderIt worth the $999 asking price? It seems to me that it is if I can continue to develop games by only concentrating on the AI and physics routines, but would I be better rewarded spending more time learning D3d? (Has any RenderIt user found problems with it's limitations?). Finally, let me introduce myself - my speciality is 3D modelling (engine blocks, cast components etc) but if anyone has a request for a custom 3D object please email me I would love to help out.



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