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glProgramStringARB causing GL_INVALID_OPERATION...or Help with Fragment Programs

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I am trying to write a fragment program that will take a texture and clamp the texels between two values. That is, if the min value is say 0.2 and the max value is 0.6, any texel less than 0.2 will become 0, any texel greater than 0.6 will become 1.0, and all values in between will be mapped from 0 to 1.0. My call to glProgramStringARB is cause a GL_INVALID_OPERATION. I can't seem to figure out my problem. Please help. This is my first attempt at writing a shader so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. Here's my code:
String str = 
   "TEMP R0;\n"+
   "MOV R0.x, fragment.texcoord[1];\n"+
   "ADD R0.w, fragment.texcoord[2].x, -R0.x;\n"+
   "TEX, fragment.texcoord[0], texture[0], 2D;\n"+
   "RCP R0.w, R0.w;\n"+
   "ADD, R0, -fragment.texcoord[1].x;\n"+
   "MUL_SAT, R0, R0.w;\n"+

int count = str.Length;

Gl.glGenProgramsARB(1, out mFragProg);            
Gl.glBindProgramARB(Gl.GL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB, mFragProg);
Then to use it I do the following:
Gl.glBindProgramARB(Gl.GL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB, mFragProg);
float max = (mMiddle + (mRange / 2.0f))/65535.0f;
float min = (mMiddle - (mRange / 2.0f))/65535.0f;
Gl.glMultiTexCoord1f(Gl.GL_TEXTURE1_ARB, min);
Gl.glMultiTexCoord1f(Gl.GL_TEXTURE2_ARB, max);
GetGLError("Enable Program for Drawing");

 * Drawing Code


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