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reading in arrays with fscanf

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Hello, I'm having a really basic issue with fscanf but I'm not a very good programmer in that I don't really know the fundamentals of C++. Basically I have a File that is a few hundred lines long and each line has the format "long bool 32bithex" so I have 3 arrays, one to store the data from each of these 3 columns. The code snippet is as follows (the file is open):
long times0[1000];
long addr0[1000];
bool rw0[1000];
FILE *f0;

for(int i=0;i<100;i++)
     fscanf(f0, "%li %b %lx", ×0, &rw0, &addr0);
     printf("TIMES:  %i %li\n", i, times0);
However, using this code, all 3 columns get read into the times0 array! times0[0] has the right value, but times0[1] somehow has what rw0[0] should have had and times0[2] has what addr0[0] should have had! What am I doing wrong here? Edit: Alternatively, if my code is just acting wacky and is beyond repair, could someone suggest how to do what I want to do properly? [Edited by - innocuous on December 4, 2008 3:22:19 AM]

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print the return value of fscanf, it tells you how many arguments were scanned successfully.

Show us some example lines from your file.

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Thanks for the reply. The file reads as follows:

183 0 0x00000010
269 1 0x094055b0
346 1 0x094055a8
361 1 0x094055ac

...and so on. When I save the return value of fscanf to a variable and output it, it appears as if fscanf is only scanning 1 value at a time although I am telling it to scan 3. I used the code

int temp = fscanf(f0, "%li %b %lx", ×0, &rw0, &addr0);
printf("ADDR: %i %li %i\n", i, times0, temp);

The result looks like:

ADDR:  0 183 1
ADDR: 1 0 1
ADDR: 2 16 1
ADDR: 3 269 1
ADDR: 4 1 1

... and so on. It's definitely only scanning one variable at a time, but I don't know how to make it scan more than one now as I thought the code I used was correct.

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As far as I can tell, the format string %b does not exist. This is no surprise because you are using the C function scanf, and there is no boolean data type in C. Try reading into a temporary int and then assign that int to the bool in the array. Or use proper C++ I/O.

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That was 100% the problem, I have no idea where I got the idea that there was a binary read in format. Thanks, I wouldn't have caught that for awhile!

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