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how drive an object in a full circle?

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Hello, 3D Math Noob here. I have an object that starts at, say, x,y,z. I would like it to go to point x2,y2,z2 ... xN,yN,zN, until it has done a full revolution. What is the way to think about this problem? THANKS!

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To rotate an object in a circle in 3D space, you need an axis to rotate it around, and a radius.

The simplest case is when your circle is in the x,z plane (i.e. flat on the ground), and you want to rotate around the y-axis, centred on the origin. In this case you just need basic trigonometry (in particular the parametric equation of a circle), and you will end up with something like this:
def position_on_circle(time):

radius = 1.0

x = cos(time) * radius
y = 0
z = sin(time) * radius

return x, y, z

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Original post by cellis
how could i generate an even distribution of x,z points?
An even distribution around that circle on the x,z plane? By feeding uniform values into that function:
points = []

for f in range(0, 2*pi, 0.1):
points.append( position_on_circle(f) )

Keep in mind that sin and cos take arguments in radians, so one entire circle is 2*pi radians.

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