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Deforming a mesh! Need a tip

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Hello guys, i will fastly explain what i did till now. I first import an image (say a targa image) wich containts a simple (in geometric sense)shape, i.e. a little dol with an head, hands, legs foots etc.... After a lot of coding i was able to build a triangular mesh approximating my shape (the doll). I used many classes: a Face pointing to 3 edges, every edge pointing to 2 vertices (without redundance of course). At the end of the process my mesh is just a colletion (i used STL vectors) of faces, edges and vertices properly related. Every vertex has its texture coordinates, so drawning the mesh with texturing enabled i just view the original shape (i.e. i can have te same result using gldrawpixles without textures). Now my code works in this way: dragging with the mouse i combine mouse coordinates with vertex coordinates. For every vertex (say v) i modify its v.x coord in a way proportional to the v.y coord and to mouse coords (v.y is always costant)(note that "higher" points have a major y so the deformation is greater). So at the end according to the mouse movement i have a bending now on the right now on the left shape. I hope this is clear, it's not so easy to axplain. The mesh deformation is not logically related with the dragging mouse but this was just to try if my mesh-texture system was working properly and it's simply perfect :D As i said this was a try, such that to deform the mesh i dont have to click in the shape, it works even if i click out of the shape, it doesnt matter. Now i have to code an other "usage": suppose i have 2 control points (say handles): h1 on the head and h2 on the stomach. h1 and h2 simply rapresent constrained vertices. Dragging the handles i want to deform the mesh in a reasonable way, for example: 1- if i pull down h2 the shape will be streched vertically but h1 will remain fixed 2- if i drag h2 over a circle the shape will just rotate on the center h1 3- the general case is a mix of 1 and 2. (The final case will be with N handles and this will be a pain -.-) I am thinking how to solve this: it should be a translation-rotation-scaling problem. Ah u can easly imagine that with just 1 handle the deformation is just a translation. I will just move the whole image on the plane without deforming it! Any tip on how to solve the 2 handles problem? If you solve the N-handles problem wont be bad :D Have a nice day! Bro!

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