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[.net] C# SQL Insert Command.. Not working?

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Hi, I'm quite new and have been looking for good advice! Lucky you. Anywayss, I'm writing a program which has to INSERT data into my Access database. Simple, atleast it should be. Having trouble though, its not actually doing it. Can't figure it out either, I assume it mys SQL statement. I don't know how else I'd write it at least. Permissions may be an issue, I'm not sure. Heres the code:
            Int64 id, ctele;
            id = Convert.ToInt64(lbl_add_Id.Text);
            string cname, caddress, cpost;
            cname = txt_Add_Name.Text;
            caddress = txt_Add_Address.Text;
            cpost = txt_Add_PC.Text;
            ctele = Convert.ToInt64(txt_Add_Tele.Text);

   //SQL adapter to gain access to the database, including the SQL statement
            OleDbDataAdapter da_Customer_View = new OleDbDataAdapter(
                  "INSERT INTO tbl_Customers" +
                  "VALUES('" + (id) + "'" + ",'" + (cname) + "','" +                 (caddress) + "','" + (cpost) + "','" + (ctele) + "')",
                  "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\\Documents and Settings\\Me\\My Documents\\"
                  + "SQL Databases\\XMAS SQL Database\\FoodTastic.accdb");

Any idas?

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First problem I see is:

"INSERT INTO tbl_Customers" +

"VALUES('" + (id) + "'" ...

Without the +, this works out to:

"INSERT INTO tbl_CustomersVALUES('id' ..."

I'd suggest you use string.Format() to build your strings like these, so you can just do:

string s = string.Format("INSERT INTO {0} VALUES ('{1}','{2}','{3}' ...")...

It'll make problems like this a lot easier to find.

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