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Vertex Attributes in GLSL

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Hi, I learned from http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=448107 that an attribute must be used, otherwise glGetAttribLocation() will return -1. I'm trying to make a normal mapping shader, so I'm passing in a vector as an attribute ("vert_tangent"), and trying to send it to the fragment shader (via "blah", for proof of concept). However, as mentioned in the first paragraph, glGetAttribLocation() returns -1 when I try to do this:
varying vec3 blah;
attribute vec3 vert_tangent;
void main()
    //This line lets glGetAttribLocation() return 1.
    gl_Vertex.xyz *= vert_tangent;

    //This line makes glGetAttribLocation() return -1.  WHY???
    blah.xyz = vert_tangent;
Thanks, -G

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Do you have a fragment shader that is actually consuming the varying 'blah' ? If not, it will be optimized away. That fragment shader must be linked together with your vertex shader, and it must make use of the varying.

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