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To Malygris

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HEY!! sorry i didn''t read this ealier, haven''t checked this forum for awhile . I used Cubasis, the soundblaster live, and a sweet keyboard that only cost me $400. I also find random loops and waves to edit and implement into the music. HOPEFULLY i helped you out

I just released 6 more songs at (in case you haven''t heard ). tell me what you think, the new songs have a cross picture next to them.

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Sorry about that would help if i logged in.

Yeah those are great songs. My favs. are Crash and Break.

Hey check this song out this is a damn good song, i''ve been wanting to post it for a while now I just heard on the news a few mins ago they had it playing in the back ground while the reporters were talking about sports. So i took that as my sign to post it.

RAVE 5 -Sandstorm vs blow your mind vs Zombie Nation vs. Blade Techno Openeration.wma

18:00 mins. long though took me 2 days to get it, but then again I have the good old dialup connection.

I''d love to put a few beats that I heard in that song in my on songs, but that may be against the law.

Check it out I promise you won''t be disappointed.

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