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Fire Lancer

Starting with XAudio2, but need some help

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Ive got some basic sound stuff working, however ive run into some problems about how certain things work, and how to even start on other things... :( Loading Sound Files Is there some guide around on how to load diffrent sound files? Right now I'm just using the CWaveFile class from the SDK, which doesnt make a massive amount of sense to me :(. I really want to get some more compressed formats working. How does the MusicSurround.wav work? I see nothing anywhere in the code that tells XAudio2 that it is surround. Is it just working this all out for its self from the XAUDIO2_BUFFER::pAudioData, for that matter how does XAudio2 know if it was given PCM, xWMA or ADPCM in that buffer???? Streaming sounds The samples only show how to stream a .xwb file, but I would far rather implement streaming for more standard audio file types, like wav or ogg... How do I go about this with XAudio2? Can I use the CWaveFile class for streaming waves, if so how? 3D sound in 2D games For computers with just two speakers this is simple, however how do I go about working out the values for computers with more speakers? I guess I could use X3DAudio however looking at the sample for 2 speakers at least that seems to go straight from all left to all right if only working with 1D (ie left/right). [Edited by - Fire Lancer on December 14, 2008 8:43:52 AM]

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