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AngelScript 2.15.0 is released

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Version 2.15.0 is here as the last update for the year. This version brings a long needed change to the library interface. The script modules now have their own interface with the introduction of asIScriptModule. All methods for accessing the modules that were previously in the engine interface have now been moved to the module interface. The garbage collector has also received some improvements, giving a finer control to the application as to what happens when. It's also possible to obtain some statistics from the garbage collector, which can be useful for finetuning the application/scripts. The engine now has a ParseToken method, which can be used by IDEs as part of the solution to provide syntax highlighting and intellisense. It can also be used by preprocessors to simplify the parsing of the scripts for manipulation. A new add-on, CScriptBuilder, was created to simplify the process of loading and compiling scripts. Besides loading the scripts from file the builder also has support for #include directives and metadata. The other add-ons also received some minor improvements, and the manual has had another couple of pages added to it. It may be a bit of work in upgrading to this version, but hopefully you won't think it is too much. If you don't want to do it all at once, you can compile the library with AS_DEPRECATED which adds some backwards compatibility. Check out the change list for a more detailed list of changes. A very merry christmas (or holiday for the non-christians) and a happy new year to all of you. Regards, Andreas

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Dear Andreas:

Thanks for your hard work.
I just upgrad to 2.15.0 from 2.14.0.
And I really do some work for upgrading.

But when I upgrade to 2.15.0, I found that the compiling
performace is so poor. It spent more than twice time of old version.

In my environment, I compile 15000 script files and save it as encrypted bytecoe.
2.14.0, it spend 320 seconds
2.15.0, it spend 630 seconds

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It's my fault, about the performance issue.

before compiling a script, I call
and when upgrading to 2.15.0, change to engine->GarbageCollect();

If I remark engine->GarbageCollect(),
the compiling time only spend 360 seconds.


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