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Simply loading objects(it's been done)

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Another question: how do I load a simple object into OpenGL so I can manipulate it? I have tried using .obj loaders found on forums around here. I can't get them to compile. I've tried the glm stuff, which seems like it would be straightforward, but it won't work either. I've tried lots of stuff, even using a python script in Blender to convert a file to milkshape format, then using lesson 31 to load it. It won't convert. I just want a straightforward way to load a model file into an object and manipulate it in OpenGL. I don't care what kind of file it is as long as I can mess with it in Blender. Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks, -Xav [Edited by - Xavien on December 14, 2008 9:45:00 AM]

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