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Fire Lancer

Problem loading wav files

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I wrote a class for loading wav files (currently only PCM ones). It works for some files (testing with the ones for the August08 sdk in samples/media/wav), but for others it seems to corrupt something and the resulting sound data just produces a continous noise (I know my playback works fine since if i use the dx SDK's CWaveFile class it works fine...). One of the files doesnt even load. I know for this one its because theres a "PAD " section between "fmt " and "data", but having looked over the files in a hex editor none of the other files do. This file also has a "fmt " size of 40 bytes with the first 2 (the ones that define the format I thought?) being 65534, however the CWaveFile class loads it fine, so it must be PCM?? They all work fine with the CWaveFile class...
class SoundData
	WAVEFORMATEX * GetFormat(){return &format;}
	unsigned char* GetData()  {return data;}//PCM, ADPCM or xWMA supported
	unsigned       GetSize()  {return size;}
	virtual ~SoundData(){}
	unsigned char *data;
	unsigned size;
class Wav : public SoundData
	Wav(const std::string &file);
	virtual ~Wav();
	void LoadPCM(std::ifstream &file);

Wav::Wav(const std::string &fileName)
	std::ifstream file(fileName.c_str(), std::ios::in | std::ios::binary);
	//check this is really a wave
	char id[4];
	file.read(id, 4);
		throw std::string("Not a media file");
	//skip over the next 4 bytes
	//make sure its wave
	file.read(id, 4);
		throw std::string("Not a wave file");
	//skip over "fmt "
	//get format chunk size and format tag
	file.read((char*)&format.cbSize, sizeof(unsigned));
	file.read((char*)&format.wFormatTag, sizeof(unsigned short));
	//decide what format we have
	case 1:
			std::stringstream ss;
			ss << "Unknown wave format: " << format.wFormatTag;
			std::string str = ss.str();
			throw str;

	std::cout << "Loaded file:\n";
	std::cout << "\tChannels:         " << format.nChannels << "\n";
	std::cout << "\tSample Rate:      " << format.nSamplesPerSec << "\n";
	std::cout << "\tBits per Sample:  " << format.wBitsPerSample << "\n";
	std::cout << "\tBlock Align:      " << format.nBlockAlign << "\n";
	std::cout << "\tBytes per second: " << format.nAvgBytesPerSec << "\n";
	std::cout << "\tData Size:        " << size << "\n";
	std::cout << std::endl;
void Wav::LoadPCM(std::ifstream &file)
	if(format.cbSize < 16)
		std::stringstream ss;
		ss << "Unknown format size... less than 16: " << format.cbSize;
		throw std::string(ss.str());
	//----FORMAT CHUNK----///
	//we already have format tag + size
	file.read((char*)&format.nChannels,       sizeof(unsigned short));
	file.read((char*)&format.nSamplesPerSec,  sizeof(unsigned));
	file.read((char*)&format.nAvgBytesPerSec, sizeof(unsigned));
	file.read((char*)&format.nBlockAlign,     sizeof(unsigned short));
	file.read((char*)&format.wBitsPerSample,  sizeof(unsigned short));
	//skip to end of format section
	file.seekg(format.cbSize-16,std::ios::cur);//we only know how to read the first 16 bytes, so ignore the rest
	char str[4];
	//file.seekg(4,std::ios::cur);//skip over "data" string
	//data size
	file.read((char*)&size, sizeof(unsigned));
	data = new unsigned char[size*2];
	//read in the entire data section
	file.read((char*)data, size);
	delete[] data;

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Ok that got some of them working, except for the MusicSurround.wav from the SDK samples, it works with the CWaveFile but for my class it fails with "Unknown wave format: 65534". having checked the file in a hex editor the 16-bit format does indeed appear to be that (first 2 bytes after the size in the "fmt " section...

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