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How to define the Edge?

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Here is my scenario: I've got a piece of plane called the "Ground". I've divided this plane into 60x60 squares, and I wanted to give each cell an index. And I decided to use the mesh envelope algorithm from geometrical tools to project all geometries onto the xz plane known as the ground. I've written something like this 3dsmax sdk if (strcmp (node->GetName(), "Ground") == 0) { // this is not the ground, project it! continue; } else { struct { int idx; list<Point2> m_Cell; }; // 1,2,61 and 62 is a cell // 61,62,121,122 is another cell // this is the ground, give it an index to each cell // 1-3600 from left to right, top to bottom } And up to this point, I didn't know how to proceed and stuck here As shown on the comments, how can I use edges 1,2,61 and 62 and define it as cell 1 (indexed as 1) and 61,62,121 and 122 as another cell? If I can do this, I can clip the cells against the geometries and then form a simple navgrid afterwards.... any ideas? Hope you understand what I am talking about... Thanks Jack

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