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How to define the Edge?

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Here is my scenario: I've got a piece of plane called the "Ground". I've divided this plane into 60x60 squares, and I wanted to give each cell an index. And I decided to use the mesh envelope algorithm from geometrical tools to project all geometries onto the xz plane known as the ground. I've written something like this 3dsmax sdk [Code] if (strcmp (node->GetName(), "Ground") == 0) { // this is not the ground, project it! continue; } else { struct { int idx; list<Point2> m_Cell; }; // 1,2,61 and 62 is a cell // 61,62,121,122 is another cell // this is the ground, give it an index to each cell // 1-3600 from left to right, top to bottom } [/Code] And up to this point, I didn't know how to proceed and stuck here As shown on the comments, how can I use edges 1,2,61 and 62 and define it as cell 1 (indexed as 1) and 61,62,121 and 122 as another cell? If I can do this, I can clip the cells against the geometries and then form a simple navgrid afterwards.... any ideas? Hope you understand what I am talking about... Thanks Jack

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