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I am currently using C++ and Allegro to make 2d games (Pong, Breakout, and small animations). A while back I created a C++ text based RPG and i was gonna redo it only this time with Allegro to add some color and visual presentation. The problem im having is findind a "For dummies" type approach to GUI elements. How to program them and whatnot. If anyone has any ideas on where to find some info on such a topic it would be greatly appreciated. Also even though i would love to learn how to create my own GUI i know such a thing may be beyond me atm so if anyone knows of a good GUI that i can inocorporate into such a project that would also be helpful (the more documentation the better). The elements i would specifically like to use are creating "buttons" with hover and click events. Textboxes that allow for the input of text and "label" type boxes where i can display texts like dialog. Also i am looking for some help with Lua as well. I have purchased and started reading "Game development with Lua" or i think thats the title. I have read a few chapters but there are some topics (Lua , GUI's) that i really dont grasp at first so having someone point me in the right direction or explaining to me really helps. Thanks in advance for any and all responses and help.

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