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Help with jumbled textures

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I've just moved to a new development machine. I've noticed something strange about some (but not all) of the textures in my game: they're jumbled in 8x8 blocks... but not all the time, and the jumbling can change every time I run the executable. This is only on the new machine - I've never experienced anything like this before. For the record, this is DX8, and the new machine is an iMac with the Radeon HD 2600 XT chipset. What could I be doing wrong? Here's an example texture that I use in the game: Not jumbled example. Here's one example of the jumbling: Jumbled example 1 Here's another example of the jumbling, which I saw on a different runthrough. Jumbled example 1 Thanks for your help! [Edited by - FarFromHomeFish on December 17, 2008 11:35:51 AM]

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