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modelview and projection matrix

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Pinkapanda    122
Hey, i am using Bundler ( Camera Calibration Software on a set of unordered images. This gives me : the focal length two radial distortion coeffs 3x3 matrix representing the camera rotation 3-vector describing the camera translation I want to calculate the modelview matrix and the projection matrix for every image, but i dont know how. Can anyone help me ?

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bluntman    255
Well I've been trying to work it out in my head...
I assume you are using a calibration technique where you place a calibration target (e.g a checkerboard or grid of circles) infront of the camera. With only this information, even assuming the dimensions of the target are known, I can't see how the FOV could be calculated without knowing the distance to the target if only using a single camera. If you are using two cameras (which I assume to be the case if you are managing to extract the position and rotation of the camera) then you probably get the focal length back from the calibration function for a single camera as two values, in pixel related coordinates as per this documentation (for the OpenCV system but I guess its probably the same):
Camera calibration stuff.
You probably just need to look at the equations in the documentation for your system and reorder them so that either CCD size, distance to target, or FOV is on the left. This probably isn't as easily done as it is typed though!
Either that or just look up the CCD size for your camera, which may be easier!

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