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gile[s] - lightmapper now free

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Stardog    124
Gile[s] is a lightmapping program for game engines. Originally for Blitz3D but it exports to loads of file formats and should work in Ogre/Irrlicht etc. You can do Ambient Occlusion with the newest 2.0 beta version, and paint terrain UnrealEd style. Ambient Occlusion is the 2nd screenshot on [url=§ion=giles⊂=screenshots]this page[/url]. All the other screens are from the old version. [img][/img] EDIT: Download Link -§ion=giles&sub=download [Edited by - Stardog on December 17, 2008 1:49:46 PM]

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Kwizatz    1392
Cool, there was something I wanted to do with it, but decided not to buy it after getting jaded that most commercial 3d software either is too expensive or is close, but doesn't have the exact feature I need.

When I say "something" I mean I really can't recall what it was, probably lightmaps, which I ended doing with Povray/Megapov.

Thanks for the Head's up! [smile]

Edit: Erm, where did you saw it was now free, it doesn't seem to be. [headshake]

Nevermind, found it.

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