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Taha Ansari

reading web page into string with windows mobile 5 (WM5)

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Greetings! I've been searching for some time now, but dont seem to get the solution. As the title of this post suggests, I'm trying to load a web page into string in WM5 using C++. If there is any one who can give me right direction so I can start looking there - I'd really appretiate it. As a side note, I'd like to hightlight what I have been trying to do but do not get results due to lack of support on WM5 (my observation): I am able to create an activeX control CAxWindow, and initialize IWebBrowser2 interface in it. When I call for IWebBrowser2::Navigate(...), all this is working fine and when the document finishes loading, I get into onDocumentComplete(IDispatch* pDisp, VARIANT * pvtURL) function. Here, i'm concerned about pDisp. According to what i've found on net, I can do a QueryInterface with IDispatch* pDisp and get IHTMLDocument2 pointer. Problem is, IHTMLDocument2 is not supported (nowhere defined i.e.) on WM5 so I have no where to go. Some one net one was trying to do something else, and he actually ended up using the .idl files the get IPIEHTMLDocument but he has not given code related that so I'm clueless there as well... While i'm not implying that the approach I'm using has to be concluded, but just mentioned it so that if any one had some suggestion regarding that interface know that I've already tried it out.... Thanks all for your reading time...

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