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Simple(ish) 3d animation app recommendations?

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I'm looking to do some simple 3d animation, so I'm looking for a tool I can use. I'll be doing simple (6-10 bones) animation, so I'm after something that's reasonably easy to use and doesn't require a lifetime's dedication to figure out all the tricks and shortcuts. While I'll only be doing one character I'll probably have quite a lot of short actions (walk, jump, dig, etc.) so something that can keep those nicely managed would be a bonus. Free would be preferred, but I don't mind spending, say, £100 if something is good. From the list of software in the list the only ones that appear to match what I'm after is Blender or Anim8or. I've tried to use Blender and couldn't make head or tail of it (particularly since all the documentation seems to be massively out of date) so that only leaves Anim8or. Does anyone know any additional apps that I've missed? Cheers

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