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squigoth    100
Hi, for a game I am working on for Windows Live Arcade, Xboc live arcade, and steam, I was wondering which will be better Visual C# 2008 will be used with XNA 3 Pro : 1) Using XML for constants and reading from them 2) Using XML for most non pipeline content(photos, music, sprites) 3) Storing all the data in the code itself Also take note that this is a very original game so part of what makes the game the game is many randomly generated quests and items. So will storing these randomly generated things and reading and writing quickly be good with XNA? What will be the best combination of XML and C# use for storing this data?

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Palidine    1315
4) using standard binary file formats (or ones of your own devising) and write a little level editor to modify them. At the very least, use XML if you want for development and manual tuning, but compile it to something binary for release.

Especially for random map generation why would you use a human-readable format at run-time when no humans are involved?

Parsing XML takes foooorrreeeevvvveeeeerrrrrr.

And as far as random generation goes, there's no need to write anything to a file. Just generate the map in memory and then play it. If you need to save for save/load purposes, definitely use a binary format.


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