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Types of math in games:

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What is the ratio of integer::floating-point::fixed-point math used in todays games? Thank you for your bandwidth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Succinct Demos Online~ I am a software engineer who writes poetic code!

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For 3D games, I''d say a good 99.9% floating point, for 2D, if it''s an RPG wheer you can only move one full tile at a time, integer, and for a side-scroller, float or fixed, depending on the platform/programmer. For example, Gameboy Advance has no FPU, so all games on it will have to use int or fixed, and N64 is made for 3D, so you''ll most likely be using textured quads instead of blitting, and as such, you''ll need floating point math, snice that''s what the rendering hardware uses. I''m making a side-scroler for PC, and using fixed point strictly for the speed of converting to/from a normal integer^^


DK Art (my site, which has little programming-related stuff on it, but you should go anyway^_^)

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